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Our workshops are designed by a licensed physical therapist with the collaboration of doctors concerned with the safety of their clients and patients. Each workshop focuses on educating you on safe exercises to improve your strength, flexibility and overall wellness.

Introduction to Prenatal Pilates

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This workshop is designed to educate moms on safe Pilates Mat exercises that they can perform through their pregnancy, rationale on positions to avoid while pregnant, why exercise is good for moms and their baby/babies and techniques to perform to alleviate tightness and or lower back pain. Exercises are designed by each trimester.

This workshop is a great bridge into our Prenatal Pilates Workshop!

Introduction to Postnatal Pilates

Your body has undergone amazing transformation through your pregnancy and now it is time to transform it back to a stronger and fitter you!

The focus of this workshop is to educate clients on the effects of pre/post-pregnancy on your body, how changes in hormones and weight effect your ligaments and joints and the importance of regaining a strong core.

This class will introduce you to exercises to jump start the return of your core strength and the instructor will check you for a diastasis (splitting of the abdominal wall) prior to learning your home exercises.

Prenatal Pilates 5wk Series

Congratulations you are pregnant! Now it is time to ensure you stay strong and in shape to help ward off exhaustion and have a healthy exercise regimen through your pregnancy.

This workshop focuses on safely teaching moms to perform exercises while pregnant to minimize abnormal stress/strain on the body such as lower back and joint pain. We will educate moms on safe exercises they can perform at home and proper body mechanics when performing activities of daily living such lifting objects and getting in/out of bed. Pilates exercises performed on the mat with use of props.

This course is 1x/wk for 5weeks, 50minute duration.

Pilates for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is the number one reason why people see their doctor. This is where Pilates exercises can improve your recovery and decrease your occurrences of lower back pain. This series will work on core strengthening, breathing and body organization. We will perform a fitness screening week 1 & 6 to assess your progress. Exercises performed on mat and Pilates apparatuses.

Working Safely & Effectively with your Osteoporotic and/or Injured Clients

This class is geared towards Yoga, Pilates and fitness instructors who work with clients with pathologies such as lower back pain, lumbar stenosis, osteoporosis and rotator cuff syndrome as well as clients who are pregnant. This class discusses anatomy in relation to specific pathologies and is designed to teach Yoga instructors, Pilates instructors and fitness instructors exercises to help strengthen and heal their clients safely. Workshop is designed by a physical therapist.

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